Taobao value chain

History[ edit ] InTaobao launched the first Alipay service. It also issued separate guidelines for foreign-funded payment institutions. Chinese business publications Century Weekly criticised Ma, who stated that Alibaba Group's board of directors was aware of the transaction.

Taobao value chain

The two brands have been No. Product strategy is based on developing products targeted at different user segments. A variety of overclocked editions has been developed for high-end users and these cards have set new records in overclocking competitions on many occasions.

Dedicated models were developed for Internet cafes and enterprise users that emphasized low RMA rate, high compatibility and excellent stability. Customization services are also available for enterprise users. Examples include the development of ultra-slim graphics card for medical use and multi-display graphics cards for surveillance and TV monitoring.

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Graphics cards that offer a better cost vs. These graphics cards have proven very popular with customers due to their guarantee of quality workmanship and reasonable pricing.

Colorful mainboards are currently ranked 4th by market share in China and the current marketing strategy is based on targeting each user segment with a different set of features. For high-end users, the selling point is high-quality workmanship, materials and extreme CPU overclocking.


The mainboards, marketed alongside high-end graphics cards, have won countless awards from the media and has attracted a loyal following. Distinct models have also been developed for Internet cafe users and have their own product support.

For general users, Chaintech strives to be the No. At the channel level, Chaintech is trying to consolidate the mainboard and graphics card markets while pushing for greater differentiation between NVIDIA and AMD graphics card products. This move is intended to maximize market share and identify partnership opportunities.

Both online and traditional channels are now being used.

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The online distribution channel includes online distributors and e-commerce platforms. Chaintech has leveraged Colorful to set up an online sales framework with reasonable controls put into place to avoid any conflicts between the online and traditional channels.

Traditional channels have been affected by e-commerce but only to a limited extent. We have now worked with Colorful to set up more than core channel stores in major cities throughout China.

Taobao value chain

By adjusting the relationship between online and offline channels, we have identified and taken advantage of the best features of both to maximize our market share. With regards to marketing, we are continuing to work closely with the local and foreign media and have won more than media awards. Advertisements aimed at large computer retailers, road shows, campus events, product training courses and overclocking competitions have generated massive user participation.

New marketing tools such as Weibo, WeChat and online multimedia are also being used for user interaction as part of our efforts to establish a first-class brand and boost brand value.Nov 07,  · Let’s say you’re working on a project, and you need a microcontroller.

Which chip do you reach for? Probably the one you’re most familiar with, or at least the one whose programmer is hiding.

Taobao value chain

History. In , Taobao launched the first Alipay service. The PBOC, China's central bank, issued licensing regulations in June for third-party payment also issued separate guidelines for foreign-funded payment institutions.

[citation needed] Because of this, Alipay, which accounts for half of China's non-bank online payment market, was restructured as a domestic company. Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Chinese: 阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司; pinyin: Ālǐbābā Jítuán Kònggǔ Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) is a Chinese multinational.

Executive summary. The era of “New Retail” that Alibaba founder Jack Ma envisioned is starting to emerge across China in ways that promise big gains for consumer products companies that act decisively and systematically while causing others to lag behind. receives about unique visitors and 1, ( per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $/day from advertising tranceformingnlp.comted site value is $2,According to Alexa Traffic Rank is ranked number , in the world and E-5% of global Internet users visit it.

Site is hosted in Veenendaal, Provincie Utrecht, . Nov 07,  · HC11 was awesome! With the EEPROM variants, all you needed to get going was a crystal and an RS level shifter since it had its own in-ROM bootloader.

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