Sources of financial advice and guidance

Tweet Last month, Suze Orman shocked a lot of people including probably Dave Ramsey and drummed up a lot of press when she changed her long-running stance on aggressively paying down credit card debt. As many of you know, Suze has basically started to advise people to only pay the minimum payment on their credit cards and to instead increase their emergency fund to at least 8 months worth of expenses. Her justification is that many credit card companies are lowering limits and even canceling cards on those who pay them down. She points out that if you lose your job due to the economy, you might not be able to access as much credit through the credit cards.

Sources of financial advice and guidance

Credit and debt Housing and buying financial products.

Getting free financial help and information - Money Advice Service

Most are free, although for organisations like Which? Where to get general money advice Here at the Money Advice Service, we provide free and unbiased help and guidance on all money matters.


Our service is available online, over the telephone and is backed by government. Here are some other useful sources: However, much of the money information on its website is free. Citizens Advice Scotland offers advice on benefits, debt and money — find your nearest branch to make an appointment.

It is free to use, although the site might get payment if you click through to some of the links offered.

Media such as newspapers, magazines and the BBC and their related websites.

Using the Care Act guidance

The Pensions Advisory Service gives free guidance on all pension matters. It also helps with problems, complaints or disputes you might have with your workplace or private pension arrangement.

Its telephone helpline is staffed by pension specialists. Other help and information Advice services aimed at over 50s AgeUK provides money advice aimed at the overs. Free debt advice The following organisations offer free, impartial support and advice to anyone in debt, worried about debt or facing bankruptcy.The difference between financial guidance and advice.

The details provided in this article are for general information only and are in no way deemed to be financial advice.

Getting free financial help and information - Money Advice Service

All of the material is correct as of the publication date, but could be out-of-date by the time you read the article. The FAQ guidance for the charity sector helps clarify what activity may be permitted under an OFSI licence and how to apply.

It also promotes various sources of information and advice available to.

Sources of financial advice and guidance

Expert financial advice; Financial planning and accounts; Sources of support for young entrepreneurs. is the official online channel for business advice and guidance in Northern Ireland.

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Contact details. Bedford Square Bedford Street . Scholarships & Financial Aid for Veterans Expert Guidance to Help Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families Pay for College.

Whereas financial advice will advise you about specific products that would suit your requirements, financial guidance provides you with the various options available to you without recommending one.

There are many ways to get free financial help and information. But it also pays to know when you might need the type of advice free services can’t provide.

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