Advantages and disadvantages of national service malaysia

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Advantages and disadvantages of national service malaysia

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Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. This is mostly common sense, but I'll give you a few thoughts to get you started. Advantages-gives the teacher a heads up on issues at home that may affect child's behavior ie a death in the family, the absence of a parent due to domestic squabbles or other reasons, health problems at home or in the family or extended family, whether or not the child has eaten, etc.

Also, it's important to fill the parents in on events of the day when they pick their child up to extend learning opportunities and to help the parents discuss issues and be involved in the child's education.

Disadvantages-time-consuming for a teacher who has many other children to supervise. Also, parents sometimes misinterpret these conversations as personal friendship and it can be difficult to limit and conclude such conversations. Advantages-I use these daily myself.

They provide an opportunity for the children to see print in use and give the children an understanding of concepts of print that they may not pick up on from listening to stories, such as top to bottom, left to right, and the fact that print carries a message.

Disadvantages-the children want to use them too. I let the children use my big one only when doing a structured, supervised activity to prevent misuse such as writing on it with crayons or pens, but I have smaller ones that the children may use at the table themselves.

Also, some younger children are not ready to grasp concepts of print and may be bored by the activity, but I keep it short and to the point and I think they benefit from the experience even if they don't fully understand yet. Advantages-can help the teacher and parents be aware of activities and important issues and facts when a child has limited communication capabilities.

There are others to supervise and it may be difficult to find time to write in the book.

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Advantages-keep families updated on the child's progress and what they can do at home to support continued development. Disadvantages-time-consuming, and families are sometimes uncooperative about keeping appointments for these meetings.

Advantages and disadvantages of national service malaysia

Advantages-good, easy way to communicate general information in a hurry to all the families in the group. Disadvantages-time-consuming to prepare, and many parents don't even read them. That should give you some ideas! I bet you think of a few more to add to it!

Oops, just realized the whiteboard was in reference to communication with families!Jun 29,  · While unions provide many benefits for workers, they create a variety of disadvantages for employers, including strict federal labor laws governing the rights of employers in relation to unions. The National Service programme is a new programme that created for group of teenagers who already completed their school after Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia also known as SPM’s examination.

The National Service also is not a military conscription programme but it is a government programme that allows teenagers to have a knowledgeable experience. The disadvantages of labor unions for employees are comparatively low compared to the benefits; however, the negative aspects can be serious.

For example, if management and union representatives cannot reach an agreement, strike is a serious concern. In Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia's most prominent medical tourism destinations, national medical tourism statistics derive from the reported numbers of all foreign patients treated by Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council–endorsed medical facilities and their associated revenue.

Aug 16,  · For a project i need to know the ENVIRONMENTAL pros and cons of turning the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland into a National park. The mountains arent important btw but could you please give me some advantages and disadvantages, only regaring the environment.:) thanksStatus: Resolved.

Privatisation in Malaysia; Privatisation in Malaysia. Words Feb ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF PRIVATISATION Contents INTRODUCTION 1 ADVANTAGES OF PUBLIC SECTOR PRIVATISATION 2 Improving Efficiencies 2 Reduction in Government Cost and Spending 3 Focusing on Core Competences 3 Streamlining Businesses to Allow.

Advantages and disadvantages of national service malaysia
Advantages of National Service In Malaysia